HTDI 2022

Event Details

  • Start Date 12/15/2022
  • Start Time 08:30
  • End Time 00:00
Topics Speakers Time Venue
AORTIC ARCH/ TAAA 08.30-09.34 Session 9
1-year outcomes of stent-grafts with proximal scallop in the arch: results of the French Multicentric Study REP 8.31
Double fenestrated stent-graft for complete endovascular repair of the arch 8.37
Left subclavian scallop TEVAR series 8.43
Japanese novel approach to perform TAAA surgery 8.49
Aortic arch and frozen elephant trunk in TAAA repair followed by open or endovascular extension 8.55
Our experience creating an aortic arch endovascular repair program 9.01
Aortic arch surgery in 2022; what is the gold standard? 9.07
How to deal with narrow aortic lumen in the endovascular repair of TAAA 9.13
Total arch replacement after previous hybrid TEVAR 9.19
Round table/Discussion 09.25-09.34
COMPLEX AORTIC PROCEDURES 09.35-10.39 Session 10
Inner branch endografts for complex TAAA 9.36
Stent selection for fenestrations and branches 9.42
Stroke prevention in TEVAR: new insights on the role of air-embolism 9.48
Speed gate cannulation: a technical tip in EVAR 9.54
Use of modified vs company-manufactured devices for F/BEVAR 10.00
Extended aortic replacement in one stage procedure 10.06
New hybrid technique for TAAA repair: how it works 10.12
Bridging stent-graft fracture after B/FEVAR 10.18
A new low-profile custom-made solution for complex AAA 10.24
Round table/Discussion 10.30-10.39
RUPTURED AAA 10.55-11.54 Session 11
Rupture of AAA after endovascular treatment 10.56
Abdominal compartment syndrome with RAAA: immediate vs delayed decompression laparotomy 11.02
Mortality and aneurysm rupture during waiting time for customization of fenestrated/branched grafts: do we need to change our strategy? 11.08
Update: Covid-19 and AAA disease 11.14
Aortic emergency and surgeon modified techniques 11.20
How to train for ruptured AAA 11.26
Predictors of mortality for ruptured AAA 11.32
Round table/Discussion 11.38-11.49
AORTIC ARCH & DISSECTION 12.15-13.20 Session 12
F/BEVAR for aortic aneurysms related to chronic aortic dissection 12.16
Dissection new classifications and the non -A non -B dissection 12.22
Ongoing Experience with the Munich Valsalva maneuver (MuVIT) for cardiac output reduction during TEVAR 12.28
Proximal sealing in aortic arch for TEVAR using proximal scallop and fenestration custom made stent graft: a multicenter real-world experience 12.34
Robotic transcranial doppler guided management of cerebral perfusion during aortic arch surgery. Initial experience 12.40
TEVAR strategies in acute and/or chronic Type B dissection 12.46
The Frozen Elephant Trunk technique in the treatment of acute and chronic aortic dissection 12.52
Total arch and descending aorta replacement via left thoracotomy for infected post thoracic endovascular aortic repair without circulatory arrest 12.58
Endovascular repair of chronic Type B dissections, including patients with collagen diseases 13.04
Round table/Discussion 13.10-13.20