HTDI 2022

Event Details

  • Start Date 12/15/2022
  • Start Time 08:30
  • End Time 00:00
Topics Speakers Time Venue
TYPE B DISSECTION 14.35-15.44 Session 13
Petticoat treatment of Type B aortic dissection: five year data on STABLE II trial 14.46
It’s clear that TEVAR does not prevent aneurysms in uncomplicated TBAD 14.52
Update on the STABILISE technique and results in Type B dissection: benefits, limitations & technical tips 14.58
The impact on the intercostal arteries of the STABILISE technique 15.04
Lobato’s technique for acute type B aortic dissection complicated with TAAA and total true lumen occlusion of the infrarenal aorta 15.10
Trend in management and results in 3000 Type B dissection patients 15.16
Evolution in the management of blunt thoracic aortic injuries. A case series 15.22
Updates on the STABILISE registry 15.28
Round table/Discussion 15.34-15.44
ORGAN PROTECTION; TAAA 15.45-16.49 Session 14
Visceral protection during aortic surgery 15.46
TAAA repair without prophylactic CSF drainage 15.52
The intraspinal arterial collateral network - a new anatomical basis for understanding and preventing paraplegia during aortic repair 15.58
Updates in PAPA ARTIS trial 16.04
Is CO2 providing advantages during complex EVAR? 16.10
Renal protection during complex open aortic surgery: cold crystalloid perfusion is the best option 16.16
Ischemic organ complications after EVAR 16.22
Barts renal protection bundle in TAAA surgery  16.28
Intercostal nerve cryoablation for pain management during TAAA surgery 16.34
Round table/Discussion 16.40-16.49
AORTIC VALVE & THORACIC AORTA 17.05-18.15 Session 15
History of aortic graft replacement (development of synthetic grafts) 17.06
Outcomes of TEVAR for repair of Traumatic Aortic Injuries (TAI) from the Aortic Trauma Foundation (ATF) Global Registry 17.12
Surgery of the aortic arch and aortic dissection 17.18
Debranch first during Frozen Elephant Trunk procedures 17.24
Hybrid strategies for Type A dissection 17.30
Surgery of the aortic root 17.36
Robot assisted aortic valve replacement 17.42
Mininvasive approach and conscious sedation in the treatment of thoracic arch diseases 17.48
Outcomes of the latest semi-custom-made fenestrated aortic arch endograft 17.54
Round table/Discussion 18.00-18.15