Preliminary Program

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Afternoon - Santa Maria Room

13:00 SESSION 1
Moderators: Giovanni Colacchio, Maurizio Taurino, James Tunnicliffe

13:01 Gluteal compartment syndrome following AAA treatment
Speaker: Umberto M. Bracale
13:07 Current management of chronic mesenteric ischemia
Speaker: Guido Bajardi
13:13 Critical limb ischemia and hemodialysis
Speaker: Sergio Losa
13:19 From Fogarty to hybrid and endovascular treatment. Latest innovations in acute limb ischemia treatment
Speaker: Gianmarco de Donato
13:25 Endovascular treatment of mycotic aneurysm - a paradigm shift
Speaker: Anders Wanhainen
13:31 Hybrid treatment of femoro-popliteal lesions
Speaker: Felice Pecoraro
13:37 Chimney approach to aortic arch aneurysm
Speaker: Jorge Fernandez Noya
13:43 Symptomatic popliteal arteries aneurysms: therapeutic options and rationale approach
Speaker: Roberto Gattuso
13:49 The role of thoracic surgeon in thoracic and thoraco-abdominal aortic surgery
Speaker: Giampiero Negri
13.54 -14.04 Round table/Discussion
14:05 SESSION 2
Moderators: Andrej Schmidt, Bruno Gossetti, Gaetano Lanza
14:06 Contralateral occlusion increasing the risk in neurological complications associated with carotid endarterectomy
Speaker: Enrico Sbarigia
14:12 Carotid bifurcation resection and replacement with PTFE for aneurysmatic disease
Speaker: Giulio Illuminati
14:18 Fast-track carotid endarterectomy: 3 years clinical experience
Speaker: Efrem Civilini
14:24 Cerebral ischemic lesions and carotid stenosis
Speaker: Gianluca Faggioli
14:30 Safety of carotid revascularization in the acute period
Speaker: Massimo Lenti
14:36 Urgent carotid endarterectomy
Speaker: Laura Capoccia
14:42 Embolic protection during CAS
Speaker: Michele Antonello
14:48 Global registry for extracranial carotid aneurysms: an update on the first 350 cases
Speaker: Gert de Borst
14:54 Asymptomatic carotid stenosis and ACST-2
Speaker: Alison Halliday
15:00 Takayasu’s arteritis
Speaker: James Tunnicliffe
15:06 - 15:14 Round table/Discussion

15:15 - 15:44


15:45 - 16:00

Benjamin W. Starnes
Ruptured aneurysm protocol. Lessons from a busy aortic center

16:01 SESSION 3
Moderators: Angelo Argenteri, Stefano Bonardelli, Ronald L. Dalman
16:02 Minimally invasive options for prevention and treatment of Type II endoleak
Speaker: Athanasios D. Giannoukas
16:08 Treatment of Type I B endoleak
Speaker: Antonio Freyrie
16:14 Transcaval embolization of Type II endoleak
Speaker: Tilo Kölbel
16:20 Comparison between intra-operative sac embolization in EVAR and EVAS for the prevention of Type II endoleak
Speaker: Paolo Frigatti
16:26 EVAR follow-up: traumas could facilitate late high flow endoleaks
Speaker: Francesco Setacci
16:32 Impact of diabetes on endoleaks and re-intervention after EVAR
Speaker: Natzi Sakalihasan
16:38 What diabetes can teach us about AAA?
Speaker: Ronald L. Dalman
16:44 A new technique to treat and prevent endoleaks after EVAR
Speaker: Michael J.H.M. Jacobs
16.50- 16.59 Round table/Discussion
17:00 SESSION 4
Moderators: Dalmazio Frigerio, Michel S. Makaroun, Alessandro Pini
17:01 Is the 5.0/5.5 threshold for the treatment of AAA still justified?
Speaker: Frank Vermassen
17:07 Management of peripheral arterial aneurysms in patients with vascular connective tissue disorders
Speaker: Isabelle Van Herzeele
17:13 Ruptured TAAA with 4 branches chimney
Speaker: Francesco Intrieri
17:19 Open aortic and peripheral arterial surgery as rescue for impossible or complicated endovascular procedures
Speaker: Melina Vega de Céniga
17:25 Multimodality imaging of vasculitis
Speaker: Francesco De Cobelli
17:31 Thoracic outlet syndrome: standardized selection and surgical approach yields optimal results
Speaker: Laurent Chiche
17:37 Identification of a novel circulating discrimination for aortic ectasia in Marfan Syndrome
Speaker: Alessandro Pini
17:43 Renal protection during open complex aortic surgery
Speaker: Yamume Tshomba
17.49 - 17.59 Round table/Discussion

18.00 - 18.29


18:30 - 18:45

Michel S. Makaroun
Open conversion for failed EVAR

18:46 SESSION 5
Moderators: Laurent Chiche, Luca Di Marzo, Giancarlo Palasciano
18:47 Management of large common iliac arteries during EVAR
Speaker: Nabil Chakfé
18:53 Second Harmonic Generation Imaging for analysis of tissue remodelling in AAA development
Speaker: Tina Cohnert
18:59 10 year outcome analysis of the ITER registry for infra renal AAA
Speaker: Giovanni Pratesi
19:05 The AIDA trial: prophylactic mesh augmentation of the abdominal wall following AAA surgery
Speaker: Sebastian Debus
19:11 Laparoscopic aortic surgery
Speaker: Marc Coggia
19:17 Contrast free approach of patients with abdominal aortic diseases and renal insufficiency
Speaker: Alessia Giaquinta
19:23 The feasibility of ambulatory EVAR
Speaker: Olivier A. Goëau-Brissonnière
19:29 Spontaneous rupture of the aorta
Speaker: Maria Grazia Bordoni
19.35 - 19.45 Round table/Discussion

Morning - Santa Maria Room

08:00 - 08:59 SESSION 6
Moderators: Vicente Riambau, Stefano Camparini, Michel S. Makaroun
Panellists: Jean-Marc Alsac, Martin Czerny, Mauro Gargiulo, Tilo Kölbel, Gustavo S. Oderich, Santi Trimarchi
09:00 SESSION 7
Moderators: James H. Black III, Wilhelm Sandmann, Giovanni Simonetti
09:01 Retrograde dissection and stent-graft induced new entry tear after endovascular aortic repair for thoracic aortic dissection
Speaker: Ludovic Canaud
Discussant: Andrea Ascoli Marchetti
09:08 Aortic arch aneurysm: hybrid vs total endo treatment
Speaker: Franco Grego
Discussant: Pasqualino Sirignano
09:15 Total arch repair and epiaortic vessels de-branching in acute Type A dissection. Preparing a safe proximal LZ for TEVAR
Speaker: Álvaro Laranjeira Santos
Discussant: Alberto Froio
09:22 Current management and outcome of acute dissection with proximal entry tear in the arch
Speaker: Santi Trimarchi
Discussant: Alberto Scuro
09:29 Technical tips of arch replacement in preparation for TAAA repair
Speaker: Christian D. Etz
Discussant: Luca Apruzzi
09:36 Hybrid treatment of arch aneurysms
Speaker: Andrea L. Kahlberg
Discussant: Anna Maria Socrate
09:43 Double inner branch devices for arch disease: results from an Italian registry
Speaker: Ciro Ferrer
Discussant: Vittorio Baratta
09.50 - 09.59 Round table/Discussion

10.00 - 10.29


10.30 - 10.45

Alan Lumsden
Imaging for advanced aortic interventions

10:46 SESSION 8
Moderators: Piergiorgio Cao, Arnaldo Ippoliti, Eric Verhoeven
10:47 Comparative analysis of fenestrated and chimney stent-graft
Speaker: Benjamin Chua
10:53 Extent of aortic coverage with open surgery, fenestrated or branched stent-graft
Speaker: Enrico Rinaldi
10:59 Inner branches device a possible off-the-shelf solution for juxta/para renal AAA
Speaker: Marcelo Ferreira
11:05 Use of abdominal chimney for juxta/para renal AAA: pros and cons
Speaker: Sonia Ronchey
11:11 Concurrent comparison of fenestrated endografting and open repair for para renal AAA
Speaker: Fabio Verzini
11:17 Treatment choices for juxta/para renal AAA in Egypt
Speaker: Mohamed Hosny
11.23 - 11.33 Round table/Discussion
11:34 SESSION 9
Moderators: Mauro Ferrari, Marcelo Ferreira, Nicola Mangialardi
11:35 Solutions to serious complications after complex f-EVAR/f-TEVAR
Speaker: Gianfranco Fadda
11:41 f/b-EVAR: bridging stent devices in fenestrated and branched EVAR
Speaker: Giuseppe Panuccio
11:47 f-EVAR after previous EVAR. Results and technical tips. (Results from nationwide database from the Netherlands)
Speaker: Barend Mees
11:53 Results of endovascular treatment of TAAA treated urgently
Speaker: Giovanni Torsello
11:59 Percutaneous access and closure of the axillary artery during complex aortic endovascular procedures
Speaker: Luca Bertoglio
12:05 Fenestrated and branched endograft after previous open infra renal AAA repair
Speaker: Mauro Gargiulo
12:11 Thoracic endovascular aortic repair fenestration & chimney technique: 4000 cases treated
Speaker: Chang Shu
12:17 The fate of patients not operated for DTA and TAAA
Speaker: Gabriele Piffaretti
12.23 - 12.39 Round table/Discussion

12.40 - 12.59


13:00 - 13:15

Gustavo S. Oderich
Complex endovascular repair

13.16 - 14.29 LUNCH

Afternoon - Santa Maria Room

14:30 SESSION 10
Moderators: Patrizio M. Castelli, Antonio M. Jannello, Benjamin W. Starnes
14:31 Surgeon-modified endografts and off-the-shelf multi branched devices in complex aortic emergencies
Speaker: Nikolaos Tsilimparis
Discussant: Vittorio Baratta
14:38 Peculiarities of endovascular treatment for RAAA
Speaker: Stefano Gennai
Discussant: Giuseppe Cilli
14:45 Re-interventions after RAAA
Speaker: Janet Powell
Discussant: Diletta Loschi
14:52 Repair of RAAA in the presence of the horseshoe kidney
Speaker: Lazar B. Davidovic
Discussant: Maurizio Merlo
14:59 The risk of rupture for AAA
Speaker: Igor Koncar
Discussant: Luca Garriboli
15:06 EVAR for RAAA: how I do it and what are the results?
Speaker: Benjamin W. Starnes
Discussant: Vittorio Dorrucci
15:13 Aortic endograft sizing in patients with RAAA
Speaker: Zoran Rancic
Discussant: Domenico Benevento
15.20 - 15.29 Round table/Discussion
15:30 SESSION 11
Moderators: Roberto Di Bartolomeo, Massimo Massetti, Claudio Muneretto
15:31 Impact of aortic root surgery during Type A aortic dissection
Speaker: Ruggero De Paulis
Discussant: Giuseppe Iaci
15:38 Fate of the distal aorta after surgery for Type A aortic dissection
Speaker: Claudio F. Russo
Discussant: Guido Gelpi
15:45 Hemiarch versus total arch replacement in the management of Type A aortic dissection
Speaker: Mauro Rinaldi
Discussant: Alessandro Verzini
15:52 Frozen Elephant Trunk for degenerative aortic aneurysm; moving to Zone 0
Speaker: Davide Pacini
Discussant: Paola Redaelli
15:59 Long-term results of Frozen Elephant Trunk
Speaker: Heinz G. Jakob
Discussant: Gino Gerosa
16:06 Debranch first technique and Frozen Elephant Trunk in chronic Type A aortic dissection: why we do it?
Speaker: Alessandro Castiglioni
Discussant: Carlo Antona
16:13 An endovascular valve-carrying conduit for the treatment of acute Type A aortic dissection
Speaker: Martin Czerny
Discussant: Nicola Buzzatti
16:20 Ascending TEVAR
Speaker: Tilo Kölbel
Discussant: Igor Rudez
16.27 - 16.33 Round table/Discussion

16.34 - 17.03


17:04 - 17:19

Germano Melissano
The STABILISE technique for acute/subacute Type B dissection

17:20 SESSION 12
Moderators: Heinz G. Jakob, Joseph S. Coselli, Francesco Speziale
17:21 Pregnancy and aortic dissection
Speaker: James H. Black III
17:27 Consistency of predictors of aortic events in uncomplicated Type B dissection
Speaker: Santi Trimarchi
17:33 How does the descending aortic geometry change during acute Type B aortic dissection?
Speaker: Martin Czerny
17:39 Lessons learnt in endovascular treatment of post-dissection aneurysms
Speaker: Piotr Kasprzak
17:45 Complex endovascular repair of post-dissection aortic aneurysms
Speaker: Raffaele Pulli
17:51 Intimal disruption (STABILISE concept) by dilatation of thoraco-abdominal aortic bare stents is our first line treatment to obtain complete distal sealing in both acute and chronic aortic dissections
Speaker: Jean-Marc Alsac
17:57 Treatment of chronic dissection with fenestrated and branched endografts: what have we learned?
Speaker: Eric Verhoeven
18:03 The final design of the INTACT-AD trial on uncomplicated Type B dissection
Speaker: Firas F. Mussa
18.09 - 18.19 Round table/Discussion

18.20 - 18.49


18:50 - 19:05

Alberto Corsini
Cholesterol, arterial inflammation and destabilization of atherosclerotic plaque: new indications and new weapons

Morning - Santa Maria Room

08:00 SESSION 13
Moderators: Alan Lumsden, Stefano Michelagnoli, Carlo Setacci
08:01 Endovascular treatment of thoracic aorta blunt trauma, complications and re-interventions
Speaker: Luigi Irace
08:07 Standard “off-the-shelf” multibranched thoraco-abdominal endograft in a multicenter experience
Speaker: Roberto Silingardi
08:13 Embolization in emergency setting
Speaker: Gianpaolo Carrafiello
08:19 3D printing in complex aortic disease
Speaker: Enrico M. Marone
08:25 Strategies to prevent Type II endoleak
Speaker: Flavio Peinetti
08:31 Adverse events during branched and fenestrated aortic stent grafting
Speaker: Denis C. Rossato
08:37 Mini-invasive open repair for AAA in the current EVAR era
Speaker: Claudio Novali
08:43 Type A dissection with malperfusion: arch repair first or TEVAR of descending aorta first?
Speaker: Firas F. Mussa
08.49 - 09.04 Round table/Discussion
09:05 SESSION 14
Moderators: Armando Mansilha, Pierfrancesco Veroux, Arno von Ristow
09:06 Venous reconstruction in oncological surgery: can the limit of operability be extended in vascular tumor invasion?
Speaker: Arno von Ristow
09:12 Acute deep vein thrombosis. Indications and treatment with a mechanical thrombectomy system
Speaker: Domenico Baccellieri
09:18 Central venous stenosis and occlusions: strategies to cross and maintain patency
Speaker: Benjamin Chua
09:24 Management and medical treatment of deep venous thrombosis
Speaker: Adriana Visonà
09:30 High technology for treating advanced chronic venous disease in low income population: breaking paradigms
Speaker: Marcelo Liberato de Moura
09:36 Mid-term sustained relief from headaches after balloon angioplasty of the internal jugular vein
Speaker: Pierfrancesco Veroux
09:42 Treating acute DVT with DOACs - advances and challenges
Speaker: Armando Mansilha
09.48 - 09.59 Round table/Discussion

10.00 - 10.29


10.30 - 10.45

James H. Black III
Surgical issues involving portal vein and IVC

10:46 SESSION 15
Moderators: Nabil Chakfè, Carlo Pratesi, Riccardo Rosati
10:47 Neo Aorto Iliac System (NAIS) with deep veins of the legs in the treatment of prosthetic aortic infection
Speaker: Roberto Mezzetti
Discussant: Sara Spelta
10:54 Surgery for post-operative infectious aneurysms of the aortic arch and descending thoracic aorta
Speaker: Leo A. Bockeria
Discussant: Fiore Ferilli
11:01 Treatment results of descending thoracic aortic graft and endograft infection: a systematic review
Speaker: Andrea L. Kahlberg
Discussant: Karaoglan Liberato de Moura
11:08 Aortic repair in patients with infection
Speaker: Joseph S. Coselli
Discussant: Pietro Mingazzini
11:15 Radical surgical strategies for infected thoracic endografts and esophageal fistulae
Speaker: Michael J.H.M. Jacobs
Discussant: Andrea Melloni
11:22 Treatment of the esophagus in patients with aorto-esophageal fistulae
Speaker: Paolo Parise
Discussant: Alessandro Grandi
11:29 Surgery in aorto arteritis
Speaker: Bashi V. Velayudhan
Discussant: Matteo Bossi
11:36 Intercostal muscle pedicle flap as adjunct to aorto-esophageal fistula treatment
Speaker: Angelo Carretta
Discussant: Diletta Loschi
11:43 -11:49 Round table/Discussion
11:50 SESSION 16
Moderators: Michael J.H.M. Jacobs, Gustavo S. Oderich, Domenico Palombo
11:51 Experimental animal model of ischemia and reperfusion injury
Speaker: Bianca Pane
Discussant: Niccolò Carta
11:58 Management of SCI using a systems biology approach: dream or soon a reality?
Speaker: Bijan Modarai
Discussant: Alberto Scuro
12:05 Intra-operative monitoring in TAAA surgery: San Raffaele prospective study
Speaker: Ubaldo Del Carro/Francesca Bianchi
Discussant: Emidio Costantini
12:12 Air embolism prevention during TEVAR
Speaker: Tilo Kölbel
Discussant: Luigi Rizzo
12:19 Evoked potentials during complex endovascular procedures
Speaker: Gustavo S. Oderich
Discussant: Vittorio Dorrucci
12:26 Preconditioning by segmental artery embolization to prevent SCI with endovascular TAAA repairs
Speaker: Andrej Schmidt
Discussant: Domenico Benevento
12:33 How to stage complex endo procedures to prevent SCI
Speaker: Tara M. Mastracci
Discussant: Pasqualino Sirignano
12:40 Old and new methods to fight SCI in open and endovascular complex aortic interventions
Speaker: Germano Melissano
Discussant: Firas F. Mussa
12:47 Point of care based transfusion protocol in patients undergoing open thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm open repair
Speaker: Fabrizio Monaco
Discussant: Giovanni Tinelli
12.54 - 12.59 Round table/Discussion

13.00 - 13.29


13:30 - 13:45

Joseph S. Coselli
Aortic arch repair

13.45 - 14.29 LUNCH

Afternoon - Santa Maria Room

14:30 SESSION 17
Moderators: Mohamed Hosny, Maurizio Cariati, Francesco Spinelli
14:31 Chronic mesenteric artery pathologies
Speaker: Nabil Chakfé
14:37 Chronic mesenteric ischemia: open surgical treatment
Speaker: Carlo Ruotolo
14:43 Open surgery of visceral arteries
Speaker: Stefano Camparini
14:49 Are there any indications for open surgery of the renal artery left?
Speaker: Luís Mendes Pedro
14:55 Different techniques to treat visceral aneurysms
Speaker: Irene Morelli
15:01 Endovascular treatment of visceral aneurysms: covered stenting vs transcatheter embolization
Speaker: Massimo Venturini
15:07 Open and endovascular strategies for hepatic artery aneurysms repair
Speaker: Daniele Mascia
15:13 Are there any indications for open surgery of the superior mesenteric and/or celiac arteries?
Speaker: Erica Mitchell
15.19 - 15.27 Round table/Discussion
15:28 SESSION 18
Moderators: Ottavio Alfieri, Gino Gerosa, Francesco Musumeci
15:29 Mechanical or biological prosthesis in young patients in the TAVI era
Speaker: Lorenzo Menicanti
Discussant: David Ferrara
15:36 Aortic valve repair in bicuspid valve, new frontiers
Speaker: Hans-Joachim Schäfers
Discussant: Paolo Denti
15:43 New aortic annuloplasty ring for aortic valve repair
Speaker: Michele De Bonis
Discussant: Heinz G. Jakob
15:50 Borderline aortic dilatation: when should we operate on?
Speaker: Carlo Antona
Discussant: Giampiero Esposito
15:57 Ross operation in paediatric age
Speaker: Alessandro Frigiola
Discussant: Francesco Musumeci
16:04 Prosthetic valve sparing aortic root replacement - tips & tricks
Speaker: Bashi V. Velayudhan
Discussant: Elisabetta Lapenna
16:11 Sleeve operation an alternative solution for aortic root repair; when and why
Speaker: Amando Gamba
Discussant: Andrea Blasio
16:18 Personalised External Aortic Root Support (PEARS) in Marfan Syndrome
Speaker: John Pepper
Discussant: Andrea Giacomini
16:25 Autologous aortic valve reconstruction with glutaraldehyde-treated autologous pericardium
Speaker: Shigeyuki Ozaki
Discussant: Pierluigi Stefano
16.32 - 16.39 Round table/Discussion

16:40 - 16:49

Winners of the Young Investigators Competition

16:50 - 17:05

Eric Verhoeven
Technical lessons learned in over 1000 complex aortic endovascular procedures

17:06 SESSION 19
Moderators: Benjamin Chua, Andrea Gaggiano, Francesco Stillo
17:07 Timing and indications for open carotid surgery in symptomatic patients
Speaker: Raffaella Berchiolli
17:13 CAS in symptomatic patients: experience with the new stents
Speaker: Domenico Alberti
17:19 Double antiplatelet therapy during carotid stenting
Speaker: Giovanni Nano
17:25 Is there still a role for simultaneous coronary and carotid revascularization?
Speaker: Raoul Borioni
17:31 General Anesthesia with Intra-operative
Awakening (G.A.I.A.) in carotid endarterectomy
Speaker: Giancarlo Accarino
17:37 Carotid body tumor: beyond Shamblin classification
Speaker: Raffaello Dallatana
17:43 Carotid body tumors: surgical tips & tricks
Speaker: Laurent Chiche
17:49 The treatment of vascular malformations of the limbs
Speaker: Bruno Amato
17:55 Management of complex arterio-venous malformations with severe worsening evolution
Speaker: Raul E. Mattassi
18:01 Vascular malformations: tailored treatment strategies
Speaker: Benjamin Chua
18.07 - 18.14 Round table/Discussion

18.15 - 18.20